Baker Ross – 600 Christmas stickers for €6

Decor your books, notebooks, presents, and whatever you pr your kids can imagine with these colorful Christmas stickers. 2 rolls of 300 stickers each for only 6 euros. Get them now, here.

From Baker Ross website:

Product Information:

Hold on to your Santa hats, we’ve got a sticker pack that you won’t want to pass up! This merry Christmas Sticker Rolls Value Pack is all you need for your festive holiday projects. In different colourways, characters, and objects, it’s got everything covered from candy canes and wreaths, snowmen and Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, and more! They make perfect scrapbook stickers, or you can add them to cards, collages, notebooks, frames, and decorations. With 280 adhesives to choose, you’ll never lose! Stick, make, design, and craft!

More Information:

300 stickers per roll, 2 rolls per pack

Brand: Baker Ross

Self-adhesive paper

60 assorted designs

Sticker size: 10mm-35mm

Use to decorate projects, cards and displays.

Use with our card blanks, card shapes and much more (not included).

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