Happy Feet Plus: Kenkoh Massage Footwear + FREE Expedited Shipping

HAPPY FEET PLUS, The footwear for a healthier you, brings you KENKOH Massage Footwear with FREE Expedited shipping!

Kenkoh Massage Footwear helps relieve foot, knee, leg and back pain! Ideal for:
Plantar Fasciitis relief
Metatarsalgia relief

Kenkoh also helps relieve stress, improve alignment and enhance your overall health.

How Kenkoh works:

  • ORTHOTIC ARCH SUPPORT: Kenkoh’s orthotic foot bed helps keep our entire body in proper alignment
  • STIMULATING MASSAGE: Massaging nodules in Kenkoh’s foot bed simulate a therapeutic foot massage and can improve blood circulation
  • REFLEXOLOGY: Kenkohs stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the feet and positively impact their corresponding body organs and tissues

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