Baker Ross – Save up to 38% on Fairy Wooden Wind Chimes

These musical decorations are brimming with magical sounds! Hark do you hear that, right outside the door? That’s the tinkling sound of fairies, let’s go and explore! Imaginative kids who can’t get enough of fairy tales will be enraptured by the idea of these magical decorations that chime on the breeze whenever an enchanted creature is near. But first, in order to release their bewitching powers, each hanging chime needs to be coloured and made. Use pens, paints and glitter on the blank wooden shapes, then fix the pieces together and put them up in pride of place… Colour, paint, design and decorate!

More Information:
Each windchime comes pre-strung with metal chimes
Brand: Baker Ross
Material: Wood
4 assorted fairy designs
Height 13cm – 14.5cm
Ideal for hanging in class or at home
Tips: Personalise with paint, wiggle-eyes, stickers and Deco pens (not included)

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