Maverick & Wolf – Designer Eyewear

Maverick & Wolf is an online designer eyewear store with its headquarters in London. Specialising in current and up to date fashionable eyewear, the company has earned its reputation as a trusted source for luxury products. With an extensive catalogue spanning over 30 different designer eyewear brands for both men and women, both traditional and more fashion forward, customers are able to find the right pair of sunglasses or glasses for them.

With quality and design at the forefront, Maverick & Wolf work with top suppliers like Luxottica, Marcolin, Marchon and Safilo to make sure they’re providing you with the most stylish and popular models of eyewear. Having a reliable set of suppliers means, Maverick & Wolf are able to guarantee that your eyewear is 100% genuine. It also means that they’re able to provide swifter delivery and have the option of supplying you with limited edition items or new releases before anyone else. 

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