4Netplayers – Get your own Gameserver and save 50% OFF/1st month

4Netplayers offers you game and voice servers, now with 50% the 1st month!

4Netplayers is one of the largest providers of game and voice servers in Germany and has been offering game servers for the most popular online games for many years.

4Netplayers is a direct partner of the largest game publishers worldwide: Electronic-Arts, Giantsoft, the Steam network…

Get your own Premium Gameserver and Teamspeak 3 Server in 2 minutes. Your Server, your Rules!

There are several reasons to rent a game server from 4Netplayers, like a very simple and intuitive administration and a large selection of games (more than 100): Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, Farming Simulator 22, Valheim, DayZ…

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