Mio Skincare – $10 discount

Pamper your skin! Save $10 off first order from Mio Skincare with the code NEW2MIO

Since the launch of Mio in 2014, their mission has always remained simple: to give you fit skin for life. If you add Mio into your daily skin care routine, Mio will work for you. Their products range from moisturising body butter to firming serums, to help you achieve your fitness and personal goals. So why not jump on board and unlock your skin’s potential with Mio.

Mio Skincare is the centre of excellence for high end fitness skincare. They aim to be the best in the business, and from our many reviews – our quality and performance is second to none! After using Mio in their skin care routine, many women have reported on having a significant difference in their skin’s vitality. Whether this is from the visible reduction of stretch marks or smoother legs, Mio promises to feed skin with the best ingredients that will produce the greatest results.

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