Personalabs – 30% off all STD tests

It’s STD Awareness Month. Save 30% off all STD tests at Personalabs. Use Code: STD22
Valid until 04/30/2022

Personalabs provides online telemedicine services and the ability to conveniently & confidentially order low-cost laboratory blood tests online – the same tests you would order from your own doctor, but at a lower cost and with less hassle. Get tested at a convenient location near your home or workplace, with more than 4,000 Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp testing locations nationwide, where you can have your blood drawn, or submit your specimen.

Personalabs is for health & wellness-conscious individuals, people with no medical insurance, people who need 100% privacy on their tests, or people who want the speed and convenience of being able to get the telemedicine and lab tests they want and need to monitor their own health without having to first schedule a doctor’s appointment or obtain doctor approval for the tests they want.

Visit Personalabs’ website to see all the tests that they offer, including general health and wellness tests, complete blood counts, metabolic panels, STD tests, tuberculosis tests, pregnancy blood tests, cancer screening tests, diabetes screening tests, hormone level testing, and much more.

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