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OEDRO – Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats for 2017-2022

OEDRO® Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats for 2017-2022, 1st & 2nd TPE All-Weather Guard Interior Liners:

OEDRO floor mats use the latest 3D laser scanning technology. Perfect compatible for 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3. They are easy to clean, won’t shed, and won’t accumulate stains or build-up.

• Durability. All-climate floor mats are produced using TPE which makes them last more than different sorts of mats. The material is tough, yet adaptable, permitting it to withstand mileage. They will likewise withstand steady contact and scouring of shoes.
• Trap dampness and soil. The floor mat surface is waterproof, permitting it to trap spillage. All-climate floor liners additionally adequately trap dry particles like sand and residue.
• Protecting the Interior. OEDRO Floor mats offer vehicles that may be the most extensive inside security in contrast with some other vehicle mats. Your vehicle’s rug will stay spotless and dry consistently.
• Cleaning these Mats is Quite Easy. The materials utilized for making floor mats are amazingly easy to wash and clean. You can without much of a stretch wash and clean the spillage on top of it. You can likewise splash it utilizing a cleanser and water. Likewise, there will not be any smell remaining once the mat dries out.
• It Traps Dirt and Moisture. The waterproof surface of all-climate floor mats makes a point to trap any sort of spillage on top of it. The mats can likewise trap residue, sand, and other dry particles viably.

Fitment: Compatible for 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3.


  • Brand OEDRO
  • Color Black
  • Material TPE Rubber
  • Surface Finish Black Rubber
  • Placement on Vehicle Left, Right, Front, Second Row, Rear

Package Included:

  • Front liners (driver & passenger side) x2
  • Rear liner x1
  • Installation manual x1
OEDRO® Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats for 2017-2022, 1st & 2nd TPE All-Weather Guard Interior Liners

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